Those who trash the US can...Kiss My American Ass!
Those who trash the US can...Kiss My American Ass!

All Star Flags Provides Flagpoles for New Myrtle Beach Boardwalk
All Star Flags is providing hurricane strength flagpoles and flags for Myrtle Beach’s newest stretch of boardwalk.

New Exhibition and Top Talent Slated for NY Tartan Week Opener on Ellis Island
Tartan Week in New York opens on Friday, April 2 on Ellis Island with a three-day family-friendly Scottish festival featuring a new exhibition entitled, “Scotland’s Gifts” and performances by pipers, drummers, musicians and dancers representing Scotland’s “portable culture” that were brought to this country by Scottish immigrants. asks "Are All American Flags Made in the U.S.A.?"
American flags have become one of many products outsourced to countries such as China so manufacturers can increase their margin or lower their price to retailers. It isn't always obvious that a flag was made outside of the United States. Online American flag retailer will provide tips for buying an American flag that was made in the U.S.A.

Scots to Close NY Tartan Week on Ellis Island
Tartan Week in New York concludes with a family-friendly Scottish festival featuring pipers, drummers, singers and dancers who represent Scotland's "portable culture" that were brought to this country by Scottish immigrants. Program scheduled for Sunday, April 5, 2009 from 10AM to 4PM.

New Social Network Challenges African American Self-Determination
New Social Network Challenges African Americans to assume more personal responsibility for their current socio-economic condition.

Issues in Immigration from Ellis Island to Today Is Focus of Lowell Lecture Series at the National Heritage Museum
"Coming to America: From Ellis Island to JFK" begins October 18, 2008. This series contrasts the Ellis Island era with current trends in immigration.

Nurse Encourages Self-Protection through
Cyndi Curtis is the proprietor of Basic Safety Products, a website that specializes in self-protection and home safety equipment. Taking the matters of protection in her hands, her website continues to update, as well as offer an informational blog about safety.

Universal Coin & Bullion to Attend NRA Heritage Society Event Fall in Fairfax
Beaumont, TX - Universal Coin & Bullion and President Mike Fuljenz is proud to announce their attendance and sponsorship of this year's NRA Heritage Society Fall in Fairfax event. Hosted by the NRA Heritage Society, Fall in Fairfax celebrates members who have included the NRA in their will, trust, or other estate plan.

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